The APEC Engineer Databank is established to serve as a credentials-sharing platform for professionally qualified engineers in APEC economies. The databank would enable APEC economies to verify whether the credential of an engineer is substantially equivalent to those currently working within their respective jurisdictions, and engage the services of such engineers where needed. This will significantly reduce the search costs and time for competent engineers, particularly for projects with unique requirements and demands.

APEC Engineer

An APEC Engineer is defined as a person who is recognised as a professionally qualified engineer within an APEC economy, and who has satisfied an authorised body in that economy, operating in accordance with the criteria and procedures approved by the APEC Engineer Coordinating Committee. The APEC Engineer Databank features the list of registered APEC Engineers who have achieved the required common standards of professional competence in their home economies and include useful information such as their expertise, industry, summary of experience and contact details.

Potential Users

The databank is open to the public. It will benefit in particular:

  • Public and Private Sector Organizations  – provide them with resource to support cross border projects, skills transfer and innovation
  • Academic Institutions and Training Course Providers – help them identify suitable trainers, experts and speakers for their courses, initiatives and research & development programme

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The information in the databank is provided for general purposes only, based on information submitted by individual registrants.  The accuracy, completeness, suitability or otherwise of the information is not verified and should be used/relied upon at the risk of the user. We recommend that further, independent  inquiries be made to validate the information where that is required. The organisations providing the information disclaim all liability for any claims or damages whatsoever resulting from use or reliance on information in this databank.