Engineer Administration Guide

Below are instructions on how to administer Engineers in your Economy.

Log in to the CMS by entering your Email address and Password as you would to access the databank.

Click this link to go to the administration screen in the CMS (it will open in a new tab)

You will be presented with a list of engineers in the system as shown below:

APEC Engineers Admin List0.5x

If an engineer has a red cross beside their name then you can delete them from the system by clicking it.

You can use the 'Search Fields' to find an engineer by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon at the top right of the screen. You can search by Name, Position and Email. Partial matching is supported so 'John' will find 'Jon Smith' and 'Jonathan Davies'.

APEC Engineers Admin Top Bar0.5x

To edit an engineer's details click on the line for that engineer and you will go to the 'Edit Screen' where their details can be updated. 

APEC Engineer Admin Detail Form0.5x

To associate the Engineer with the APEC Engineer Databank click on the 'Databases' tab and then Enter 'APEC' into the field on the top right (where it reads 'Find Contact Databases by Title, Description'). A small list of available databases will show. Click the 'APEC Database' line and then click the 'Link Existing' button. This will ensure they show when searching on the APEC Databank front-end page, and also ensures you have permissions to Edit and Delete the Engineer.

The "Contact Terms" tab allows you to add Expertise and Specialisations Terms to the Engineer by which they can be found in the databank.

To add a Term to an Engineer type the name of the term in the box beside the "Link Existing" button. This will present a list of available terms. Choose the one you would like to add and click the "Link Existing" button.

APEC Engineer Admin Add Term0.5x

To remove a term from an engineer, click the small link button on the right of that row, it will be removed from that engineer only.

To create a new term, click the 'Add Term' button above the table. You can enter a new term name; you must set the 'Type' to 'Skill' though to have it show correctly.

Existing terms can be edited, however this is discouraged as these terms are shared across all Economies in the database so updating a term will impact all Engineers with that term. A better way is to remove an existing incorrect term and add a new correct one as that will be specific for that Engineer (you may then link it to other Engineers as detailed above).

Once you have finished updating their details click the 'Save' button to make them permanent.

Importing Engineers

Engineers can be imported from a spreadsheet by saving it as a CSV file (Comma Seperated Value) file and then using the import function as shown below (click the magnifying glass icon to show this part of the administration interface):

APEC Engineer Admin Import Fields0.5x

The file must have a first row (the 'header') with specific text in each column, and the other rows in the spreadsheet have one Engineer per row.

Description Example
The Engineer's Name Bob Smith
Job Designation
 Job Title or Position  Chief Engineer
Organisation Name
 Who they work for  Bob's Engineering Works
Phone (Optional)
 Optional Phone number  +555 1234 1234 ex 1123
 Their Email Address
Expertise / Specialization
A list of expertise/specializations they have seperated by commas Milling, Circuit Design, PCB Manufacturing
Their Disciplines Electronic Engineering
Their Industries Construction
Which economy they work in Philippines
Registration Number
A list of APEC Registration Numbers, seperated by commas if more than one ABC-123, CEV-456
Expiry Date
A list of dates which their APEC Registration Numbers expire on, one per Registration Number 21 May 2010, 23 April 2022
Summary of Experience (max 200 words)
A short biography of their experience and maybe career history ...


When engineers are loaded from the file the Email address is used to identify if the Engineer already exists in the database. If so then the existing details for them is updated from the new data in the spreadsheet. If they are not already in the database according to that Email address then they will be added as a new Engineer. Engineers who are not in the spreadsheet will not be touched by the import; to remove them use the 'delete' button as mentioned above.

A file can be downloaded from here which has just the required header row in so you can start adding engineers. Please ensure you rename the file before importing it so it can be used to track down any problems you may experience. Please also make sure that you save it as 'CSV' format from your spreadsheet application, the system does not work with Excel format files (eg with a '.xls' spreadsheet).

When the import has completed you will be returned to the 'APEC Engineers' screen, a brief summary of what happened during the import is available by clicking the magnifying glass icon again to expose the import controls. It will appear like this:

APEC Engineer Admin Import Summary0.5x

If there are any errors or warning reported please double check the headers in the spreadsheet and also your values are correct. All fields except for Phone Number should be provided.