The Governing Group is the decision making body of the International Engineering Alliance and comprises representatives of the constituent multi-lateral agreements.

The International Engineering Alliance seeks to improve engineering education and competence globally through widening the recognition and uptake of its constituent Accords and Agreements. The Governing Group undertake activities to support this goal.

Primarily this involves facilitating consultation to assist the ongoing development of a cohesive framework of good practice exemplars of graduate attributes and competence profiles. 

They work to develop and maintain a framework of policies on matters which are common to all Constituents.

The Governing Group are also responsible for oversight of the Secretariat and managing the activities of various working groups.

The Governing Group

The current Chair of the Governing Group is Dr David Holger from ABET

The current Deputy Chair of the Governing Group is Damien Owens from Engineers Ireland

The current Members of the Governing Group are as follows:

Dr Andrew Wo, from IEET
Chair of the Washington Accord

Em. Prof. Elizabeth Taylor, from Engineers Australia
Deputy Chair of the Washington Accord

Dr David Holger, from ABET
Chair of the Sydney Accord

Dr Ohyang Kwon, from ABEEK 
Deputy Chair of the Sydney Accord

Mr Damien Owens, from Engineers Ireland
Chair of the Dublin Accord

Prof. Barry Clarke, from ECUK
Deputy Chair of the Dublin Accord

Seng Chuan Tan, from IES
Chair of the APEC Agreement

Ms. Patty Mamola, from NCEES
Deputy Chair of the APEC Agreement

Dr Gue See Sew, from BEM/IEM Malaysia
Chair of the IPEA

Mr Jerry Carter, from NCEES 
Deputy Chair of the IPEA

Mr Jones Moloisane, from ECSA
Chair of the IETA 

Ms Katy Turff, from ECUK
Deputy Chair of the IETA

Dr Keith Jacobs, from ECSA
Chair of the AIET

Mr Louis LeBel, from CCTT
Deputy Chair of the AIET